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Why choose Meal Canteen?

Digital at the service of anti-waste in collective catering!

Reducing waste is more than a need, it’s everyone’s responsibility and Meal Canteen is committed to helping.

In collective catering, there are two types of waste:

Upstream, it is linked to the difficulty of evaluating the quantities to be prepared.
In service, this mess can be explained by fluctuating diners, unsuitable portions, unmet food preferences …
MEAL CANTEEN has developed a web / mobile application aimed at combating waste at its source, because the best waste is the one that is not produced.

This digital solution is based on a reservation principle. By connecting to MEAL CANTEEN, guests will be able to consult the menus (information on the origin of products, cultural anecdotes, identification of balanced dishes, caloric values, nutri-score, allergens, convictions), choose the meal and give their opinion on the dishes served (rating and commentary). All this while having the assurance of having their dishes despite a possible late arrival.



The application offers a multitude of services to the user that cannot be obtained on a physical self: communication on products, allergens, nutri-score, beliefs, food preferences, product origins.

With its reservation service, MEAL CANTEEN aims to reduce waste at its source, by providing kitchens with an accurate prediction of the number of diners and the dishes chosen in order to limit overproduction. Only what was ordered the day before by users was then taken out of the refrigerators.

The measurement of user satisfaction (rating, comments) makes it possible to renovate the relationship with the kitchens which will know, understand the reasons for waste in service (presentation of dishes, taste qualities, etc.) and make corrections to improve excellence.

Finally, the information collected by the application and made available to the kitchens will allow them to optimize their orders and stocks.

With agility, MEAL CANTEEN allows collective catering to take the turn of digitalization. The services offered reconcile the expectations of users, who want to know what they have on their plate, and those of collective catering which can, thanks to the savings made on food waste, improve and enhance its catering service.

The objective of the fundraising

In order to support the development of a new brick (mobile payment) and to accelerate its market, Meal Canteen is continuing its fundraising.

Following the acquisition of the first customers, it is now necessary to capitalize on their experience in direct management to accelerate collective catering under delegated management and then deploy the application internationally. Objective of 300,000 reservations by the end of 2021.

Breakdown of the various expenditure items:
Recruitment of collaborators: Developers, Sales team to ensure the distribution of the solution.

Commercial development and customer acquisition: Field sales representatives, presence at Trade Shows / Exhibitions and qualified contact through press monitoring.

The last item of expenditure will be devoted to financing the technological development of V2 and its marketing.

Business Model and outlook:
Meal Canteen’s business model is based on a virtuous principle of the circular economy: the cost of the service is financed by the savings made by the avoided waste.

ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) estimated at 17% of the total cost of the meal (foodstuffs, fluids, energy consumed), the cost of food waste in collective catering, i.e. 0, € 68 excluding VAT per meal (study carried out in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region at the end of 2016).

Meal Canteen charges the information and reservation service € 0.33 excl. VAT per booking click. The application is free for the user, the kitchen service provider bears the cost of the reservation in compensation for the reduction in food waste.

Contact us!

contacter Meal Canteen
Phone 07 68 30 62 31
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124 rue Réaumur, 75002 PARIS
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