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« The best waste is the one that is not produced. »

A simple and clear proposal FOR THE USER

I choose my menu.
I have information about the products.
I’m sure I have my dishes.
I can note my dishes.

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Simple and clear information FOR KITCHEN

I receive reservations.
I have cancellation alerts.
I have a number of quantities to prepare.
I measure the satisfaction of the guest.

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Together in an eco-friendly approach!

We renovate relationship user/kitchen.
We reduce food waste.
We generate savings.
We finance the short and organic circuit.

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Food waste produced in World during your visit on our page!

High food waste in collective catering

Hard to know who comes to eat and what he will eat

Additional costs of preparation, organization, planning and staff

Frustration at the end of service no longer having the choice of dishes

Discover the Meal Canteen App

Extraordinary simplicity, formidable efficiency

Revolutionize the canteen!

Meal Canteen aims to massively reduce food waste at its source in the service of the planet and create a sustainable impact for the benefit of humanity.

They are already with Meal Canteen !

Alliance avec le groupe Compass et sa filiale Scolarest. Désormais les offres de #restauration #scolaires seront couplés à l'offre Meal Canteen et son #app prédictive 🤝🍽️🌎💚
Alliance avec le prestataire de restauration #collective ENVOL. Désormais leurs offres de #restauration seront couplées à l'#application #prédictive @mealcanteen. Un service d’ors et déjà utilisé par les collaborateurs ENVOL ! 🤝🍽️🌎💚 #AntiGaspi #GaspillageAlimentaire #FoodTech
Meal Canteen transforme l’essai avec la signature du 1er contrat avec la @Gendarmerie nationale et le Mess de Sathonay-Camp (77 000 repas annuels)🚀Merci au Chef d’escadron Jean-Henri Bonnel et toute l’équipe du Mess !
La #startup @mealcanteen signe un #contrat de collaboration pour utiliser l'#app #prédictive #AntiGaspi avec @France_Tele et les #cantines de cinéma Maza & Naza sur le plateau de la série @PBLVofficiel !

Juliette JARRY

Vice President of Digital Business of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region

I found the Meal Canteen concept extremely interesting. It actually allows to set up an application to be able to book meals in advance, and therefore work on food waste, in the many canteens managed by the region.

Renée HEIM

Director of EPLEFPA Lyon (69) - Lycée André Paillot

I appreciated the professionalism and energy of the Meal Canteen team in the process started at the Lycée André Paillot. This work allowed to unite the team around a strong project dynamics on our school canteen.

Values carried by the Meal Canteen service

#App #AntiGaspi #FoodFooding #ZeroDechet #EconomyCircular #RSE

By informing more, we educate better to waste less!

Act on economic, environmental and societal values.

Effectively reduce food waste.

Significantly reduce CO2 reduction.

To propose a fair circular economy.

Finance the short and organic circuit.

The media is talking about us !

Meal Canteen in action!

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